Target identifier for gears

Can we get target identifiers for gears? Since im reversing my harley and started reversing the gears and it seems like only one byte changes value.

Would be nice to have identifiers for gears since bikes and cars differs.


Not sure what you mean, could you try to describe your use-case on more details and in practical sense.

My bike has 5 gears and by looking at the data only one byte changes during changing gears on the bike and there dosent seem to be any target identifiers for gears?

This is what I do for my gear selector on my car. Can you do something similar?

<value targetId="139" unit="Gear" offset="0" length="1" enum="82:R,78:N,80:P,49:1,50:2,51:3,52:4,68:D"></value>

I even have a second value that shows how the transmission is shifting below

value targetId="140" unit="Gear" offset="4" length="1" enum="189:P>R,187:R,221:P,17:1,33:1>2,18:2>1,34:2,32:N>2,205:P>R2,204:R2,192:N>R2,50:2>3,35:3>2,51:3,67:3>4,52:4>3,68:4,84:4>5,69:5>4,85:5,0:N,16:N>D,176:N>R"></value>

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i will try this… thanks for the help

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What Harley do you have? I’m trying options to connect realdash to vrod 2005

V rod does not have can bus right?

VRod is equipped with a low-speed data bus according to the J1850VPW standard

Look at harleydroid on github he already have uploaded most of the data etc…

Here you have another guy reversing a vrod

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Thank you!
I studied the HarleyDroid topic and the link on data bus hacking in some detail. I’m currently at the stage where I’m getting the data stream from the bike and want to pair it with the RD using XML.

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Good job!

Let me know if you need any help

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