Tech Q&A for Khadas VIM3 Users

I was going to give this a much more specific topic title, but thought maybe starting a “catch all” thread for Khadas VIM2/3 users might be a better idea for the long run.

I know several people here are using the VIM3, so I have a question that is not directly RealDash, but it is indeed related. I am just now getting this thing up and going, running Android, straight out of the box, with no modifications. It will come up and run fine with a full size monitor. I also have two different brands of 12.3" ultrawide 1920x720 LCD panels, each running a different HDMI board. When I plug the VIM3 into these, the HDMI driver boards turn on, seeing a signal. Neither panel will display a picture. Moving back to a full size monitor, I manually set the display resolution really low, and change to 50Hz refresh, and still no picture on the LCD. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks!

My Vim2 has no problem connecting to the LQ123 … based on the HDMI scaler.
Probably you just need to press the “source” button the required number of times on the scaler keyboard supplied with the matrices to select the HDMI video signal input

Can you explain the source button on the keyboard part that you are talking about? Not saying you are wrong, I just don’t know what you are referring to.

So, I did a hard reset of everything on the VIM3, and now video comes up on my 12.3" LCD. About to get things done, now!