Tesla Model 3 Hansshow Screen

Hi everyone. My Hansshow Screen does have access to my OBD2 port but the main screen is boring and can’t customize. I can however download Realdash but I need help if it’s even possible to have the Realdash app be fed information from the hansshow device without the need of an OBD2 dongle. Thanks!

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It is possible to tap into CAN bus of the Tesla and read absolutely everything. We are working on some kind of a generic Tesla XML, but it is a lot of work as there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of values available on the bus.

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Thanks! Def something to consider but the other thing I want to know is how to setup this device with Realdash? This is. Essentially an Android tablet with it’s own OBD2 integrated and connected to my port so essentially I need to feed the info to the tablet directly without a Bluetooth OBD2 dongle

We would need to contact the manufacturer if vehicle connection has a API that other apps can connect to. In case of typical Android headunits with build-in CAN, there is no API for 3rd party apps to access the vehicle data.