The Atmel 2560 MEGA Body Box [Project]

Hi there, almost at the finish line, building a 2 Ways body box with an Atmega2560 and this post is a little update on the interface, no definitive name for it yet, still calibrating the EGT amplifiers for correct and quick response! Only 4 in this version but if it gets attention will probably add 4 more in next version as I go through ameliorations and trying to get it cheaper!

You have all common signals with some extras ( still designing some add-on features). Analog and Digital inputs with spike isolation, Low and High current PWMs. An since I have added 4 EGT’s to my engine you also get 4 K type thermocouple inputs.

It is basically for my car but I have tried my best to make it as universal as possible! Final product will be available on a dedicated GitHub an also on JLCPCB common sharing files as I will probably get them to sponsor the project & fabrication. Here is a link to the first pict of the board since I do not know how to display a direct photo. Feel free to comment and send feedbacks. Quoting VENOM “The way I see it. We do, what ever, we want” :smile: :muscle:

MEGABOX pcb Pict


Hello…I want to use the Arduino board realdash What should I do to connect?

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Hi there, what Arduino do you use is it a nano?

MCBx v1 design done, now trouble shooting the Arduino & XML description files!

Good afternoon!
Will the wiring diagram and sketch files be publicly available?

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Yes, It will be open source and available very soon! Thanks for your interest. :ok_hand:

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Happy to announced “La team Prep” Website will soon be online at the end of the month! All informations about the MCBx (Atmega 2560 MEGA) will be available there with an open source licence so you can build it yourself! It is not intended to be commercially available but I might be able to sell a few and have shippings to those of you who would want a final product at their door step! Got to clarify some details with RealDash Dev Team since their logo will be on the pcb and on the box! There will also be a NCBx version (Atmega 328 NANO) and much more all around the RealDash ecosystem! Stay Tuned, LTP


Any news?
I am waiting. Hope )

Hey thanks for your interest, I had to modify the box slightly since I could not go through the PWM. The latest version has uart to Bluetooth, Wifi and CAN! Did not had much time to update it on the forum but it on the way! I have sent everything to JLPCB and should receive 2 Of it, so as soon as I get them I will let you know! Might give away one, you will only need to pay for shipping, does that sound fare!

New UPDATE, MCBx final version 1.7

Added UART to Bluetooth, Wifi and CAN
Once tested will soon be shipping…

Did you order assembled boards or just PCB?

I do the same thing myself. But there is no time. I’m not sure I’ll ever implement this in hardware. Still in the design stage.
And this is my hobby. I’m not a programmer or an electronics engineer.

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Great design, I ordered assembled! First batch is a bit costy because its a 6 layer board! Car environment is noisy so had to take some shielding precaution, but hopping for some sponsorship with JLCPCB

is the project still alive?

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Hi there, yes it is! Had some routing errors to fix! Hopefully next version will be flawless. Also had a bottle neck issue with the ftdi usb to serial I have used! Still testing and will send back to fabrication again soon! :ok_hand:t5: