The correct trigger is not guaranteed.

create simple animations.
When the dummy button is pressed, var changes between 0/1. the sensor smoothly disappears when dummy = 0 and smoothly appears when Dummy = 1
set decay time to 0.5 sec. or more.
and quickly switch 1/0.
when the animation has not completed, it crashes
and a cross appears between on / off
I will not undertake to clarify that this is a malfunction.
Perhaps you will comment?

Yes, its technically not limited as you can run multiple animations on one gauge simultaneously. For example you can move and fade gauge at the same time with two separate animations.

For your example case we use button action delay setting to avoid animation to start when not wanted.

but if I point explicitly to the signal source?
in this case, to change the “parking lights” input, the signal comes from CAN instantly.
How can I indicate a delay?
through the action, and then press the delayed button?

I think the action delay on button works only on actual button press, not sure. There may not be solution to this currently :frowning: