The problem with the custom intro images

The full version. The problem occurred recently, on all devices at once. The screensaver disappeared, when adding a screensaver file (pictures or gif, video) when exiting the program, it runs with the selected files once. If you exit the program and log in again, the screensaver disappears. The list of files in the menu is empty.What could be the problem?Skip the screensaver and disable the animation of course is not installed.

I’m sorry, but I do not know what screensaver you mean. Are you talking about custom intro images?

Yes, custom intro.

Ok, will check for next release. Is this happening on Android, Windows, iOS or Linux?


On first tests I’m unable to reproduce this problem. Couple of extra questions:

  • Does the default intro appear instead of your custom images?
  • Do you use cloud services to import the intro files, or are they local to your device?

Everything worked in the new version of the application, thank you