The problem with variable type conversion

I don’t understand what type of variable is obtained from the can-file.
When i specify this value as the source in the “Text Gauge”, it really displays “1” if i pressed the clutch pedal and displays “0” if i unpressed it.
But! When i use this value in the trigger, the condition “if ‘Clutch pedal position’ is equal to 1” works and condition “if ‘Clutch pedal position’ is equal to 0” doesn’t work!
I have already tried to write conversion=“V” and\or units=“bit” in the can-file, but it did not bring results.

Getting values 1 and 0 shows that your XML is correct and value is received as intended.

So problem must be in your Trigger, could you share a screenshots from your triggers?

I’m sorry! But i just saw that the checkbox “Enabled” in trigger was unpressed all this time. Probably clicked by accident. Close the Topic, please!

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