the XML files are changed to default on some reboots.

Sometimes, when the pi is restarted (running lineage os), the XML files are reset to default. 1. the Realdash Example Can file is set to none, and my custom OBD commands list file is set to Generic SAE compatible one.

There has been some reports on RealDash resetting its settings on startup. We did investigate this and may have found the cause. Fix will (hopefully) be in 2.2.0.

Huge thanks :pray:
Happy to hear that it’s a known issue with a fix.

Hi @realdashdev,

I’m currently on v2.2.1 and the issue is still there. Sometimes, the file defaults to SAE.

Sorry to hear this, I was hoping this was fixed. This is one of those tough problems to fix, as we have not been able to make this happen on any of our test devices.

When your OBD2 XML reverts to SAE, do all other app settings also reset?

Nope, just that.

I have updated it to 2.2.1 now (apparently it was on 2.2.0 before) and will monitor more

Update: the vehicle description and realdash Can Description files both reset. Vehicle OBD got replaced with SAE, and CAN replaced with “none”

Doh, this can be very difficult for me to troubleshoot as I’m unable to experience anything like that on any of my test devices, sorry :frowning:

No worries, for now, I’ll keep monitoring. When this will be the last issue, then I will probably log until it happens and send data.

Unfortunately, the issue is still there. I’ll start logging it soon. Hope it will help.

Hello, all I am also having this issue as well.

The issue started when I switched to a OBD II USB /Obdlink SX. No issues present when running over BT.

Version RealDash-v222-mrd.apk
khadas vim1 Android

Also RealDash app on reboot defaults to tutorial settings with boot animations turned on.

Please let me know if I can provide any logs!

Do you pull the power while RealDash is running?

Yes, With my current setup, the power to Khadas VM1 is cut off when the truck is turned off and powers back on when the engine is turned back on.

Today I will try a few methods to cover the loss of power to the Khadas VM1 and report any findings.

After testing power settings and exiting RealDash before a power downing down this issue still persisted.

Updated to a fresh image of Android 11, reinstalled RealDash that seemed to fix the issue.
A few hours of testing and it appears the settings are holding during power cycling.

I will keep monitoring for any issues and report back.

Ok, thanks for trying to figure this out.