Throttle position

Hi…just wanna ask why can’t i get throttle position input from my OBD2?i try detect protocol & can the see the OBD2 did get the trottle position input from ecu…anyone can help?


Well, so the 11th point is TPS (throttle)

Yeah,but still i can’t get any input on the throttle gauge…but if I try it with DashCommand app i can get it with no problem

Find the information which code is used in the DASH COMMAND. By writing it to RealDash you will succeed.

It should work without customized XML. Try to reset the TPS calibration in OBD2 connection settings.

Ah,i didn’t realized that. Will give it a try & let you know. Thanks!

TPS calibration didn’t work…end up changing the command form 0111 to 014A then miraculously it’s work!