Tire temperature monitor

Hi, I’m using a MS3Pro ECU and plan on using this TPMS system.


I’m wanting to be able to display Tire Temperature and pressure in a similar manner using RealDash in a graphical representation. Each sensor has 16 channels of IR Temperature and there would be a total of 4 sensors used. In addition to the 16 channels of IR Temperature there would also be a tire pressure sensor as well.

I will be interfacing this data with the MS3Pro with the help of the ECU manufacturer. It should be straight forward in their opinion as it uses CAN Bus Protocol. I will have a USB connection from the ECU to a SBC running android for RealDash in my 1967 Mustang. Thanks!

If sensors are specified in your Megasquirt ini file, they should appear in inputs ‘ECU Specific’ category and you can use them as any other RealDash inputs.