To finish

before and after Ford F100 1966

I have to finish all the sensors with the arduino, some are already reading it to me!

Nice classic feel, good job!

Thanks for your words!! I am very happy with the Realdash, everything you can do is incredible, the limit is your imagination …

I am learning to use the Arduino, it will take me a while to finish the project, but that is the grace of this application. Realdash is something you can customize to your liking, I’m happy I found it!

I have tried it in another car with OBD2 and it really works except for some signals that the ecu doesn’t provide.

Now, this F100 from year 66 does not have electronics, so I am learning to use the arduino to make the connection, the design. I did not want to make it very modern for being a classic vehicle.

I want to take the opportunity to thank Cel_turbo who explained some basic things to connect the Arduino with the Realdash!


Thank you, I’m happy to help.