Transparent animated GIFs?

I’m trying to create an animated GIF that has a transparent background, and they are not displaying properly. I’m not sure if it’s an output setting from Adobe that isn’t correct, but if I export the animation with a background the GIF looks and works properly in RD, but if it’s transparent, I get a lot of ghosting of the animation and other weird behaviors. Any help?

Try to change the gif encoding options when saving the file. Another option is to save it with black background and use additive blending mode for the image gauge.

Send me the gif file so I can take a look if there is something I can do about it.

I emailed it to you.

The Additive blending mode works, other than the actual image also shows the background through it. I would prefer that not to happen.

Greetings! Was the issue with the incorrect display of .gif resolved?
My problem is that if I save the animation via photoshop, as a .gif, with a transparent background, then I get horizontal jerks in the file in RD on android.
I try any other ramdom .gif downloaded from the internet and it works correctly.
What is the secret of .gif encoding?
Any help!

I have not solved it.

The most interesting thing is that the gif itself is displayed correctly when viewed through the gallery.
It turns out that RD uses some special codecs that allow you to see this artifact?

So. I sent a test panel file to the developer’s mail. There are three gif files inside. The first is spongebob squarepants))) which blinks when pressed.
The second file is an animation of the trunk with a filled background, and the 3rd file is an animation of the trunk with a transparent background. The last two pictures are identical in render settings, except for the background. That picture with a transparent background wobbles all over the area. This is very strange, because in the gallery, on the same device, the same picture is stable!
Please Jani - look again!

Ok, I’ll check

Jani. In my opinion, there are still small problems with transparent GIF only on Android.
When moving the picture, it leaves a trail that disappears after each cycle. It seems to me that frames are not updated in a cycle.
File on mail. Try it on android.

At the beginning of the Gif in the gallery, and then the same Gif in RealDash with artifacts from previous frames.

I noticed the same thing in some of the gif’s I messed with.

I’ll check. Just missed the 2.2.4 though.

Still no Jani((
Nothing changed! All frames are visible on the transparent GIF. :frowning:

I think he’s saying that it’s not in 2.2.4 as that release cycle was already missed. It will be 2.2.5 or later.

Fix should be in 2.2.5.

That being said, animated GIF is somewhat complicated file format as there is a lot of corner cases. So you will definitely still find some animated gif files that may not work properly. I don’t think it makes sense to use lot of development hours into these corner cases. When creating an animated GIF file, try to save it in a format that do not use frame discard options. It will result to slightly larger GIF file, but its faster to load and uses less runtime memory.

I completely agree. ,Gif animation does not have sufficient color depth and should go to the shelf of history.
But then what do we have?
Our .mp4 does not support RGB+A.
It may be possible to add a QuickTime animation with alpha support.
Or still add a sequence.png?
By the way, frame-by-frame control can be implemented in the sequence.
For example, stop at frame number 10. for example.
Or even play backwards. Frame rate.
And all this in triggers, with the ability to control using input values.