Trigger Animation by Dummy Timer

I am trying to activate animations through Dummy timer in xml file, but it doesn’t work.


Pls share your XML file, I can take a look.

Sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn’t work.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


<animation name="Move_para_o_Centro" type="morph" target="Rpm Gauge" end="0.330729126930237,0.234259366989136,0.669270873069763,0.765740633010864" duration="3.00" easing="BackOut"></animation>


<trigger name="Move RPM to center" condition="larger" variable="Dummy timer 01" tolerance="5.00" reset="0.00" cooldown="0.00">

<action name="Move_para_o_Centro"></action>


Sometimes IMPORT does not take the file.
I think there should be some confirmation of file capture.

I am also a supporter of the fact that there would be confirmation of the successful addition of the animation file.

Good idea, I will add a toast message confirming that animation file has been loaded successful.

I think I found the problem. Try setting the trigger reset=“5”.

The trigger reset value in XML is ‘reverse’ of its condition. So your trigger will fire when dummy timer 01 is larger than 5, and is reset (can fire) when its smaller or equal to 5. Your previous value to reset the trigger was 0, so trigger is reset (ready to fire) when dummy timer 01 is smaller or equal to 0. During the boot, dummy timers have already ran for a second or so, and trigger is unable to reset itself.

I also made a fix for dummy timers will not start updating until dash is completely loaded to avoid same confusion later.

Grateful, it worked. :smiley: