Triggers/Actions Help

I tried looking for information about this but this couldn’t find it so asking here. Again using Bavarian Powerhouse as the example.

Trying to figure out how triggers/actions work, as this theme as 3 modes, There is a mode toggle (trigger) / and actions for each mode. Each mode works on the value from dummy 1.

There are many fade out / fade in actions for each mode, but how are these connected to the dummy value? Basically where is it set that these fadeout fadein actions should be called on dummy 1 value change?

Yes, there are multitude of Triggers that trigger fade actions when Dummy 1 changes.

In general, our fully animated premium dashboards are way too complicated to start studying on. I recommend that you make small dashboards from scratch and experiment how you can trigger actions based on how variables change. After a few hours of experimenting you will get a hang of it.

“Yes, there are multitude of Triggers that trigger fade actions when Dummy 1 changes”

Where are we setting that? For example if i wanted to change dummy 1 to dummy 2

Typically these actions are triggered by buttons, which can be visible or invisible based on use-case.

Sorry I still haven’t been able to figure out how the fade in fade out is happening because of dummy 1. I checked the buttons which are basically set to those actions which sets the value of dummy 1 to a 0,1,2,3 etc.

Can you give me a short example of how you can trigger actions whenever a variable changes?

For context I’ll explain my use case. First I don’t have the time/expertise to create a realdash from scratch, even though I did learn a lot last couple of days. So I settled on the Bavarian powerhouse theme as it contains 90 percent of what I need. This theme has the digital speed on sport mode, but I was trying to add it for the other modes as well with a custom input, but I want to hide that in Sport mode. I also have a text gauge that I wanted to be different for each mode, but I can probably change that from my python code where I send the text.

It’s going to be a custom cluster for my car, the hardware is all ready, just working on this final part.

Ok i managed to find a workaround.
For example to show it on Eco mode I added fadein/fadeout actions that already exist

  • action named eco-fade-in - to my custom gauge
  • action named eco-fade-out - to my custom gauge

And this seems to work. But I still do not know where this connections is set for the button action to also trigger eco-fade-in / eco-fade-out.

I’m assuming that connection is set in animation xml for the premium theme, and no way to access that? But question is will i be able to add a custom animation xml in for all my gauges and will that combine if i follow the documentation ? So I can add everything in xml for my custom gauges, instead of manually for each in the UI

Sorry @realdashdev I have more questions.

I have now been experimenting with the animation xml. But importing an XML removes all the default animations in the theme, how to avoid that? I want to “add” new animations and new corresponding triggers / actions via xml or even associate them with already built in actions

Here’s what I’'m testing with

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

        <!-- You can include gauges into groups which can be animated. You can include same gauge to
        many different groups at the same time. -->
        <group name="Cruise Group">
            <gauge name="Notification CUSTOM"></gauge>


        <animation name="custom-eco-fade-in" type="fade" group="Cruise Group" end="1"
            duration="0.3" delay="0.3" easing="QuadOut"></animation>
        <animation name="custom-eco-fade-out" type="fade" group="Cruise Group" end="0"
            duration="0.3" delay="0.3" easing="QuadOut"></animation>
        <trigger name="Show Cruise Group" condition="equal" variable="Dummy 01" tolerance="1"
                <action name="custom-eco-fade-in"></action>

        <trigger name="Hide Cruise Group" condition="larger" variable="Dummy 01" tolerance="1"
                <action name="custom-eco-fade-out"></action>

        <trigger name="Hide Cruise Group" condition="smaller" variable="Dummy 01" tolerance="1"
                <action name="custom-eco-fade-out"></action>

That is by design. We do not share the animation XML files of our premium dashboards. This would make it too easy to duplicate our premium dashes and share them for free.

Because of that, its very difficult to modify the fully animated premium dashes. They are just not designed for that.

To the question of how fade actions work, they use a combination of button actions and triggers. Typically:

  • A button rotates a dummy variable for modes, for example values 0, 1, 2
  • A trigger checks if dummy variable changes and triggers actions to fade/animate the gauges accordingly.