Trip A counter - Linked

Hi Jani,

I want to make a counter for trip A to be linked / mapped to car ECU. Now, the byte that have trip data starts a cycle from 00-FF which equal to 1.032 Km. So if a drive my car for example 5 Km it means that the counter makes a round 5 cycles.

Any advise please

Sorry, I do not understand what you are trying to achieve. Please give more details.

I want to make a gauge to read actual trip distance from canbus. For example the ID#110 byte # 1 start from 00 when the car is not moving and start to increment once the car moving, the full cycle from 00 to FF means that i drove for 1.032 Km.

So how can i make the gauge to read the total trip distance?

In another way, i need a trip A gauge to increment by 1 step every time byte#1 in ID#110 equal to FF.

I tried to make trigger and action with change value but i couldn’t link it to trip A gauge

Hmm, I don’t think our current XML format is capable of handling such a input and can’t think of a workaround just now, sorry :frowning:

Edit: There may be a way using triggers and actions to make this work:

  • Make a global trigger that is triggered when your ‘cycling’ trip value changes
  • Make new action that increases Trip A input by 1.032 and link to your trigger


can’t see the trip A gauge as you can see in the picture #2. can you please show me.


Oh, sorry. Its ‘Body Electronics->Tripmeter A’