Trip A getting reset automatically

Trip A getting reset automatically after around 500 km of fuel refill. Not sure what is triggering it. This has happened twice. Could you check if there is something causing it or point me in the right direction?

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Is it only the Trip A that is resetting, or all the settings? Is it resetting to 0, or to some other previous values?

Only Trip A resets to 0.

If you are using custom dashboard, please double check that your dashboard does not contain any actions that resets the Trip A. Meanwhile I will investigate.

I only have an action which resets Trip B, but in this case only the Trip B kmpl gets reset not the Trip B km. Is this how it is designed? Pls check this too.

The above uninitiated Trip A reset does reset both though.

I also have this issue I thought its only me :rofl:

Jani, hope you could check this!

Yes, loss of saved files to happen to some users. This far they have all been related to custom hardware and not properly shutting down the app.

Also, there has been confusion about Trip B reset. Yes, Trip B resets every time app boots. That is by design and currently cannot be easily changed as trip system is used for Trip Diary feature.

Of course I would like to fix that problem, but you have to realistic. How can I troubleshoot that when it never happens on my development devices or in DEATHFISH 2 democar, which uses Android, Windows and Linux at the same time. Anybody who has done any development knows that you cannot just try throwing fixes blindly.

So, please describe in more detail on what operating system and hardware this problem happens. If you have custom hardware which is killing device without proper shutdown, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

Trip B does reset both Trip B “kmpl” and Trip B “km” every time app boots. No issues here.

But when I reset Trip B from quick menu only the Trip B kmpl gets reset not the Trip B km. Hope you can look into it.

Coming to Trip A issue:

OS: Android 10
Tablet: Lenovo M8
Running New Boss on the Block using OBD2 BT dongle.

I am not using any custom hardware.

I use the quick menu to Reset Trip A and Set Fuel to Full whenever I do a tank full.

Couple of days ago, during a long drive which went past 500 km I suddenly noticed both kmpl and km of Trip A (I have these displayed via text gauges) had got reset and the readings started afresh.

As you know since my Trip B kmpl readings are not accurate, I keep going to Garage and changing Fuel Consumption Correction (FCC) factor during highway stops to see what is an ideal number. But this should not reset Trip A completely, right? This unintentional Trip A reset has happened couple of times like this.

Hope you can figure out something.

Hope you could identify this Trip A issue!

Also if you can correct the Trip B reset issue soon it will be great.

This, I believe I found and fixed (will be in next release). The Trip A resetting itself, I have not been able to reproduce in any way :frowning:

Trip A again got reset to 0 after 470 kms of driving. This time I had just started the car and while waiting for someone to get in it got reset right in front of my eyes.

There are no actions resetting trip A unless I set fuel to Full.

How did you implement this trigger & action?

In edit - Triggers : If “OBD2 Fuel level” is equal to 57 then Reset Trip A. In Garage Fuel capacity is 57L.

I’m still suspecting that this has something to do with that Trigger. Delete it and run for some time. Meanwhile I will do some tests on similar trigger.

The standard OBD2 Fuel Tank Level Input, PID 012F is a fuel level percentage. So that trigger would reset Trip A when fuel level hits 57 percent.

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Oh no! When I looked at the trigger (when you asked) it was disabled but not sure whether I disabled it after the last reset which happened last week. So, lemme try without it again and report. In the meantime, if you find anything do lemme know. Thanks!

Jani, why does Trip A and B get reset whenever, we do a change to input mapping or make some changes in the Garage?

Is there a way to disable that and allow the user to only reset via quick menu or through triggers?

Pls confirm.

Trip A gets reset only manually by user.
Trip B resets at every boot, as it is also used to update Trip Diary.