Trip Issues

I finally got a chance to use this on a long trip and found a few issues with the trip functions. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong though.

  1. It seems the trip mileage resets every time the obdc connects. This makes it less than ideal to track mileage. I use this on a motorcycle, so will generally stop a few times between fillups, so when this gets reset, I lose how much I’ve traveled and therefore dont know how much fuel I have remaining. Also, due to unknown reasons, the bluetooth will randomly disconnect from my device, also resetting the mileage. (This happens on a device level, so not your issue.)

  2. Can you check to make sure Reset trip is linked to resetting Trip time as well? During a fill up, I was able to press my reset trip button (action to reset TripA), and it didn’t reset the time for this. I also tried the Reset trip option under the menu on the bottom right. I also have concerns that it might not be resetting other Trip values as well.

v1.6.2 Android

True, the trip start/stop is tied to connection to the vehicle. Would it be better if it is tied to current RealDash session?

As for reset tripmeter, I can change it to reset the entire trip with that action.

The session would be better. Is there any way to store the trip values so that they can be remembered if the app is restarted or device rebooted? It would be really helpful on multiple day trips.

So current trip would just go on until its reset? It would not be a current trip anymore. This is also synced how we store the trip in trip diary. I rather not change this to last between sessions.

I guess it depends how you define a trip.

I’m thinking of it more like a car trip meter. They keep going until they are reset.

I’ve always done Trip A as mileage between fill ups (even during normal travel), and Trip B as mileage for whole trip (on longer trips).

If you think about it as a family car trip over several days, with many times the device will be offline. Lets say you wanted to track how many miles you got between fill ups (or how many miles you traveled over the whole trip), how much time you traveled on a tank (or whole trip), or what your avg mpg was that tank (or whole trip).

I know some products have a current session values, as well as the Trip A/B working like above.

Would it be possible to leave Trip A to be session, make trip B work like Trip A above, and add a Trip C? I think that’d leave everything functional as is, but also add the long term functionality as well.