Trips improvements

Any chance of things like.

Coulour coded speed on the map.
Click to goto location highest speed, or other interesting metrics.
Play the trip at different speeds.
Play the trip with gauges visible.
Compare with another trip.

These can be achieved already on your own custom dashboards.

You mean an option to change log file playback speed? Could you give an example when this could be handy?

Don’t understand what this means.

Again, what would be the use-case for this? What is the thing that interests you to compare between trips?

I was thinking for reviewing laps for performance, but maybe this is handled differently if a track is detected?

Ok, that clarifies what you are after. I don’t think the trip system is the best way to store racing data, as data that is saved to trip files is very limited. I would recommend using datalogging instead and use the datalog viewer and playback option to review the laps. This way you can also save a lot more information from different inputs.

The trip system only saves a few values I think once per second, as its original purpose is to just save road trips, and those can take hours and otherwise amount of data would grow just too big.

In addition, the log files stored by trip system are just normal datalogs, you can play them back on any dashboard. Use ‘Settings->Data Source->Log file playback’ and open the corresponding .csv file from your storage ‘tripdiary’ folder.

Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: