Trouble using the C8 dash lap timer

How do I use the lap timer on the C8 RealDash? I’m at Buttonwillow. GPS (from Joying head unit) and nav in RealDash are working, but the lap timer stays at 0. I crossed start/finish multiple times. I don’t see any way to tell it to start or that I’m here. Is there a button I don’t know about?

It should be automatic and Buttonwillow seems to be in known tracks list.

Did you by chance record a datalog on your run around the track? That would be helpful to troubleshoot this.

Unfortunately I don’t have any datalogs from my laps. I forgot to turn on datalogging after I hooked up the GPS antenna.

On a different dash in the gallery it showed I was at Buttonwillow so I think it was detected ok.

If I synthesize a fake CSV datalog file with GPS coordinates of a lap around Buttonwillow from another source, and play it back through Realdash, should the lap timer latch on and start counting? Alternatively, I probably have some old datalogs at Buttonwillow from another app that could be translated.

Does RealDash care about the direction or configuration of the track? This track can run clockwise or counter-clockwise and has multiple configurations. Start-finish is always in the same place though.


Yes, Buttonwillow has been configured that Start-Finish is crossed at about heading of 265 degrees. 90 degrees or more deviation of that will not count as a cross of the finish line.

Well, that is a problem. Can you fix it? The most common configuration is #13 clockwise, but many configurations run counter-clockwise also. Start finish needs to work in both directions.

Sure, I will update it to work on both directions.

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