Trouble viewing canbus data in gui.

Hi everyone. I’m trying to help my friend with viewing data from his life ecu on a android tablet.

So far we have connected the canbus from the ecu to the tablet with seeed’s canbus analyzer wich seems to work great.

In the realdash app i can open garage and i see frames of data being read correctly.

I’ve tried to write a little xml file to parese the data:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- RealDash CAN XML description file, version 2 Requires RealDash version 1.5.8 or newer -->
<RealDashCAN version="2">
    <frame id="0x600" endianess="big">
      <value targetId="37" units="RPM" offset="0" length="2" signed="true"></value> <!-- RPM -->
    <frame id="0x601" endianess="big">
      <value targetId="151" offset="6" length="2" conversion="v*1000" signed="true"></value> <!--Olje trykk -->
    <frame id="0x602" endianess="big">
      <value targetId="14" units="Celsius" offset="0" length="2" signed="true" conversion="V/10"></value> <!--Kjoleveske temp -->
      <value targetId="152" units="Celsius" offset="4" length="2" signed="true" conversion="V/10"></value> <!--Olje temp -->
    <frame id="0x60B" endianess="big">
          <value targetId="12" units="Volts" offset="4" length="2" signed="true" conversion="V/1000"></value>  <!--battery voltage -->


A frame from the can in the app for example engine coolant temp is:
00000602: 00 99 00 a3 00 91 00 9b

Where the first two bytes from the ecu is engine coolant temp. 0x99 is 153 and the coolant temp is messured by the ecu to be 15.3 degrees celsius so im not sure why the gui part of the app wont show a coolant temp of 15.3.

When i exit the garage and enter the gui part of the realdash app i also get a error message saying: invalid connection in settings.

The CAN Monitor in connection settings is designed to show raw CAN data. It does not apply any XML during the operation.

XML is then used with the connection when CAN data must be interpreted into the gauges of the dashboard.

The ‘invalid connection settings’ may be due the error in your XML file. Your example snippet I found some issues:

  • units=“Celsius” should be units=“C”
  • The ending tag ‘>’ is missing

I recommend that you use a good text editor that understands the XML format to immediately see problems in file structure. There are many, but Visual Studio Code is one popular lightweight source code editor.