Turcocortina Dash Project

I built this back in 2021 but bever posted about it here in the realdash forums.

It works really well

I have one glitch that I have to go to garage and reassign the connections every time I use the car because the Android tablet assigns them different COM numbers each time it reboots.

I trialled BT and USB and had working code in Arduinon for each option but the Android tablet had limited acces to the connectivity menus that spoiled my fun each time.

Link below is my facebook page post about the dash build.


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Looks great, thanks for sharing!

I have also resolved my issues with using dual USB ports on the Android Audio head unit. I bought a Seicane branded head unit during Black Friday sale for $94AUD.

It was a bit of a gamble but the new head unit always defines USB0 and USB1 and realdash reconnects every time I restart the car now!

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