Tutorial on changing CanBus messages to DBC or XML.

Hi everyone, Newbie here. I was able to get DBC files to change to XML for my AEM BMS and my Ingenext Tesla Model 3 motor controller but having a hard time getting the DBC or XML file for my 06 Mustang medium speed CanBus that has the turn signals, door ajar, etc. One of the guys here Freshfitz has them and I tried to contact him through PM but no answer. I’ve been looking and reading and googling how to do it to no avail. I may be over thinking but I’m not sure of that at this point.

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Do you already have the CAN addresses and structures of the frames, or are you starting from zero?

Hi, Yes I have downloaded the can messages with pcan-view and have run them into Realdash with a Seeed studio can bus device and they show up fine. I see a few numbers change as I am putting on turn signals etc. I guess that may be called zero.

Send me the CAN info to contact@realdash.net. I can make the XML for you in exchange that I will include that XML into RealDash?

Thank you, I will send it your way. You Sir are a savior. I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out.