UI gauge value box / text box

As far as I understand, now there are only 2 widgets with which the user can change the values of variables - a slider and a button. The slider allows you to quickly go through the entire range, the button allows you to change the value in minimal steps, but when you need to accurately set the value of a large variable (for example, 32-bit), both of these tools are not very convenient. Is it possible to enter the exact value of a variable, for example using a virtual keyboard?

Use a Button Gauge with ‘Set Value’ action.

I tried to do this, but then the value that is written in the action configuration is set, and in order to change this value you need to edit the action, save it, and set it the next time you press it. It’s like that ? I would like to be able to do this without entering edit mode.

You have to give more details of what you are trying to achieve.

I need to send a variable to my device that I would like to change dynamically, but not using a slider or buttons (+1 / -1) but simply by writing down a number. Ideally, I see it like this: when you press a button, a virtual keyboard opens and the number entered on it is written to the assigned variable when you press ENTER.