UniCarScan Bluetooth UCSI-2000


I just use RealDash privately for my Abarth 595 car and have the following question:

I use the UniCarScan Bluetooth diagnostic device (UCSI-2000). The connection is established normally via Bluetooth and the diagnostic device is found. I only have the problem with data logging that the data is only accessed about once every second. I tried another diagnostic software and there the data was very nice to see down to the millisecond.

Do you have any idea what the reason could be?

Best regards, Laszlo

Is this especially with datalog file? I mean that you only get values to your datalog file once per second, but otherwise adapter is working as expected?

I deleted your entire reply as the attached file was not a RealDash log file, but an AirBNB log that contained personal information. Please be careful what you attach.