universal dashboard (small production)


Mastered the assembly of universal RealDash DasBoard. quick start, support for CAN bus or any analog sensors.

130 х 308 mm 1920x720 pixel high quality screen
photo_2022-03-08_21-06-17 (3).jpg
photo_2022-03-08_21-06-17 (2).jpg
photo_2022-03-08_21-06-17 (3).jpg

Really nice looking display! What computer you use to run RealDash on it?

What is that circuit board that you have in front of the display?

this is a specially designed printed circuit board for controlling the screen, android boad, has a built-in canbus and several binary sensors. the project provides expansion boards for analog sensors.

Would you be interested of selling me one for testing? Send email: contact@realdash.net.

i send email with detals from 8354442@gmail.com

Would others be able to buy as well that would be pretty sick

in the near future I will post new photos, I have finished optimizing this platform. the inside looks perfect now. and I think I can make this platform open to everyone. since I’m moving to a new platform

thats awesome will be looking forward to seeing it released as maybe it’ll be a basis for my project take one hurdle off the table haha

I would like to use my LCD, but it appears to use the same driver board that you have on yours. I’d be interested in purchasing the rest of your electronics suite, if it is a workable solution that will not drain the car’s battery quickly when not running.

this platform Series4 is now is old for me - please wait i made this open for all realdasher (extrime small time)

current in sleep mode 200 mA - 10 Hour - start 5 sec
Curent in wait mode 50 mA - srart 30 sec

now i made new prototype Series5 on base UIS 7862
current in sleep mode 6 mA - 99999 Hour - start 5 sec
really low price 200 USD for PCB + Display
Full sets 500 - 700 USD
please see https://www.realdash.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=1700

status - need 1000 pcs order for to place an big order at a Chinese enterprise (Progress is 22% orders for PCB and Display)

I hope this will become the main hardware platform for RealDash

Best regards

I wouldn’t mind the display either. If it actually supports standard 1080 x 720 resolution and the round bars are actually displayed round without any RatioHack?

I’m also trying to work on a board that would be a universal driver of a display without needing hdmi or any other boards.

I don’t quite understand. It looks bad in translation. Are you talking about Android/Windows/Linux device exception algorithm?

What I’m working on building is a Linux based board that can drive an LCD panel directly from one board without needing the HDMI input board that many lcd’s come with and I’m hoping to be able to do enough connections on the board for it to be universal (eDP, LVDS, DSI, etc) there may be some software configurations with Linux that will need to be made, but I’m hoping the hardware will support most if not all lcd panels from 1 board.


sorry but true 1920 x 720 pixel supput only my new platform: https://www.realdash.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=1700

Series4 on base tv box Air3 - i not found system file for change screen resolutions/ simple commad not work correct, i use UltraWideHack option

“adb shell wm size 1920x720”



When you say you made this open, how?

I have the 12.3 display, a khadas sbc, but have not been able to find the path to get these to work.

Are you US based?

oh… i try // i very busy other projeckt (Series5 and advance ADC) now - i seek winow i next mouth



i open main file

more info and instruction i publick if support me small donate