Update 1.7.5 beta ,1

for some reason the update has corrupted my custom virtual cockpit dash. O If you disable ultrawide correction the image is normal, if enabled, some displays disappears. I tested it with the original Virtual Cockpit too, same thing, and on the phone too, same symptom

you probably have a 16:9 or 16:10 display on your devices, if so, then you have nothing to use the super-wide setting for, it is only needed for certain types of matrices with a resolution of 8: 3.
turn off this setting and restart RealDash.

No, i have a LCD 1920x720, and it worked normally, it was after the beta update, if you go back to the previous version that had the white screen when starting, it works normally.

I use 8:3 1920x720.
do the test, select Virtual Cockpit and activate ultrawide correction.

Yes, I see that there is something wrong when ultrawide hack is on. I will investigate.

Edit: Found and fixed. Will inject updated Beta1 today.

Thank you so much. Now works perfectly