Update to 2.3.6-1

Hello everyone,

I installed Realdash on Armbian Bookworm (23.11.1).

I downloaded realdash-mrd_2.3.6-1_arm64.deb. GDebi shows me that all dependencies are met.
When attempting to install, the GDebi window closes without any further information.
RD stays at 2.3.4-2 even after reboot.

How can I update RD to the current version 2.3.6-1?

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Armbian Bookworm. The package should install with just dpkg command. Is your OS a 64 bit version?

Hello realdashdev,

thanks for the quick reply !
The Armbian version is 64 bit (Armbian “Bookworm” 23.11.1, kernel 5.10.110).
Runs on Radxa Rock5B (8GB, 256GB Samsung NVMe).

The RD update worked with the dpkg command.
I incorrectly assumed that the downloaded file could be installed simply by double-clicking on it (like in Windows)…

It’s all ok…

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