USB camera for DashBoard


please think about USB camera in android version RealDash- if you try i can send sample from China,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

now support video sourse i think little change


Ok, will take a look.

Another upvote for USB camera inputs! (Ideally support for 3 cameras - two side mirrors and a reverse cam!)
Supporting just UVC should help keep it simple :wink:

Another upvote for USB camera inputs!
It is a feature that should not be missing.

I vote for this feature! +1)))


I did take a look at this. On Android there is no common programming interface for USB cameras. Implementation would require to use a 3rd party library which is known to cause problems on some Android devices and its license is not favorable for commercial app. And making such a library by ourselves is way too much work. So right now its not looking good for this feature.

Id4motion make this option for s2000

Is not usb is rca , if the window or widget middle we can run another apk that will be great
More videos!

I like that s2000 design

I use an USB cam in my android phone (actívate by reversing light and relay) when the light IS on, close the circuit and automatically open the cam software even when i use RD. Exist Many apps for UVC cams. I vote for implement in RD.

P.D. the cam IS recicled web-cam from AN old laptop!

Could you please share the implementation process for this? What all components are needed and and how it works? What software is required?

Basically you need one USB camera ( or make one… Laptop webcam for example, only need the webcam, 4 wires and USB conector) and mobile compatible with UVC (works in Samsung J6 2019 AND MI 9 SE). Software: program called “camera USB”.
When you instert the USB (with OTG adaptor) the program shows the image. It can use “mirror” Mode and invert the image.
To turn on the camera, i use 12v relay, Signal from rear light. When i engage reverse gear, close the circuit +5 v for the USB cable and automatically start the program!

I also vote for UVC support in Realdash, it is a standard driver included in Android by default and there are even many simple adapters for RCA cameras (Easycap usb adapters). With this you can connect even the normal reverse cameras, not only USB. All use UVC standard. It works on Windows as well.

I used USB camera (UVC compatible)many times on Android tablets, nothing is required, just a simple UVC app.

Yes, even now you can set a trigger on reverse to launch the UVC app, but that will not be the same as creating a video gauge, displaying other details from RD in the same screen with the camera image. Or even an FLIR/IR camera showing at night as background for the dash (Mercedes/BMW style).

And i vote for this feature!

Please reply

UVC - not work
now any USB camera will be work or not

for example?,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_


Still investigating this. Cannot say if one particular aliexpress camera would work or not.

Why not use a non-USB camera? There are many car cameras systems on AliExpress compatible with Android.
Also, is should possible to overlay Realdash over an Android app. This is how TomTom overlays its own speed warning app data and audio over Google Maps. Of course, Realdash could overlay video imagery, sat nav maps, or any other apps by keeping Realdash in the foreground, and you can blank out anything you want that is in the background.

I would like to know if there is no camera support yet?

Not today. Don’t expect it soon.

I think rtsp ip cameras can be implemented.!TRY!1235.82!828.12!!!42.71!!%4021038edc16958525436462846eb1e7!12000026141200150!sea!TR!121896618!&curPageLogUid=BfPBFDK78OEF

I plug rtsp camera to the my android device

Input link

App vlc plaer work
App RealDash not work with rtsp link

Waiting fix in the ReadDash