USB -> Serial adapter reconnect message

I have a problem that is more an annoyance, than a real problem. I get a message ‘toast’ message that comes up in RD about my CH340/341 type USB to Serial adapter. RD is trying to reconnect to the device, and every 2-3 seconds, the message (see attached pic) comes up. Here’s the odd thing: it is connected, and it is passing data into RD! This message will show up under a couple of different conditions. Sometimes it appears after the Android computer (VIM3) has been put in suspend, and then wakes up. It also comes up when the USB device is disconnected, and then reconnected, if RD is running. Fully exiting out of RD, and restarting it will clear this, and keep it from coming back up. Any ideas?

Thats odd, never encountered such a thing. I will take a look, but my first instinct says that this has something to do with the hardware.

For now, you can disable the toast message from Settings->Notifications->Show Status Messages

Same thing here with Single board computer. Sometimes i keep the board ON and close the display and when i turn it ON again i found this issue. Also sometimes with bluetooth when i open garage page and return back it lose the connection.

Do you have the ‘Keep connected on background’ option enabled in ‘Settings->Application’?

Yes, i enable keep connected on back ground.

I will try to debug this. Just to clarify: This happens on Android with USB-serial connection?

Yes, with USB serial connection.

I debugged this for 3 hours and I just can’t make it happen on my test devices. I think I tried everything, pausing screen, putting RD to background and restoring etc.

This must be some sort of strange combination of settings, or ‘phantom’ 2nd connection that is attempting to connect. Sorry, but just do not know what to do about this.

With RD running, on top, or in the background, unplug the USB device. Plug it back in. It will pick up the data again, but it will keep putting the message up. Guessing it enumerates the adapter differently, and RD is still looking for the old enumeration?


Some times it happened some times not. Just to give you an example for this issue, i think the single board changes the com port # ( same as when you connect Arduino to your PC and then adjust the port # from Arduino program, if you disconnect the arduino and re insert again in same usb you have to check the com port# again in the arduino program because it could be changed from com 3 to com 5).

I will test a bit more and try to catch this.