Useful Triggers

Hello, would be nice to have triggers for :
either individual or number of multicast devices connected
when connected to MYRD
Target id to log in to MYRD

First two would be pretty simple. What do you mean by ‘Target id to log in to MYRD’?

Great. Just a way to assign a button or command to log in to MYRD.
Not sure how often or how many times it automatically attempts to log in but I have no wireless internet at my home for a 1-mile radius.
On one occasion when I left home I hit that 1-mile mark and the full screen purchase now pop-up displayed, so I hit the maybe later button and was able to enjoy a video of how I could loose weight while I was on my way to work, so I did have internet connection. Due to how the bezel covers part of the screen I wasn’t able to see the bottom buttons.

From version 2.0.4, RD attempts to re-login once in 10 seconds. There are certain amount of offline logins allowed without force feeding the nagging screens. I will double check that offline logins are working properly.