Using abs() value in realdash

Can the abs() value be used in realdash. I’m trying go negative values without having the - symbol in the sweep of numbers.

Ive tried this way.

I’ve tried this way

I still have to use negative symbols to get it to go the correct direction…

The abs function is available in conversion and gauge math. So your conversion formula should be ok. I see though that in first value you do not use “” after conversion, so that definitely will not load.


At the time of viewing the forum post, I didn’t see any attached images for the absolute value formula. Using what I can see I’ve tried using


and (separately)


but neither seemed to work. I’m having trouble finding documentation/forum posts relating to how to use gauge math or an absolute value function.

Thanks for helping,

I also realize that I’m reviving a very old thread at this point so I hope this isn’t causing any problems.

With a quick test, the abs function in Gauge Math seems to work fine. What I did:

  • Settings->Data Source->Simulation
  • New empty dashboard, add text gauge and attach that to Coolant Temperature
  • Go to Look’n Feel->Special->Gauge Math and enter: abs(V)
  • Save dash and observe as negative values are shown as positive.


This worked, thanks! I was missing just the V part. It wasn’t super clear to me since I am having some trouble finding easily available documentation for the gauge math feature.

Thanks for the help!

Yes, the constant ‘V’ always refers to value itself on Math/Conversions on RealDash.