Using Google maps

I prefer using Google maps for navigation and live traffic. Is it possible to use gmaps in realdash?

Currently no, sorry. Google Maps license fees are too expensive for us. Thus we offer OpenStreetMaps instead.

Hi Jani,

It will be great option if you add google map. If it is money issue with google, i think you can add extra fees per license. I mean with each Realdash license your customer have an option to buy google map version with extra fees, and then you pay for google.

I think the same, they are optional rates

I think that nevertheless different people love different navigator programs. It would be ideal to add the ability to run in RealDash in a separately created sensor exactly the application that the user chooses. only full screen but as if in a mask of the RealDash theme, I mean the style …

Yes, some people prefer Google Maps, some Waze, and there are other too that have been requested. The problem is that even if we make selection of different maps/navigation a paid option, we do not think that purchases would cover the development costs, not to mention the added complexities in testing.

Hello Dev… Is there an option to have a night mode for the maps at least? At night the maps are too bright and disturbing. Also is there an offline maps option?
I’m new to real dash… Got the paid version plus couple of skins few days ago. I’ll be using it on my android car headunit. Yet to fully test… So I may be missing something.

There is a nightmode, sort-of. Select map gauge and go to Look’n Feel->Special->Map and enable ‘Automatic Dark Tiles’ option. Then map gauge will use dark map tiles when ‘Device Inputs->Night Mode’ is non-zero.

Easiest way to test is to add a button, create new ‘Toggle value on/off’ action and link it to ‘Device Inputs->Night Mode’. Then you can toggle between day/night mode with a button.

Its also possible to create a trigger based on current time to toggle night mode on/off.

Offline maps are not allowed by our license agreement. Once downloaded tiles will stay on device cache though.

Would it be possible to create a mask with Picture in Picture, and we can charm the application we want, opening it by overlaying the image?

I think do you can use Here Maps SDK.

Its not really a matter of the API, any of them, Google, Here, MapBox etc work equally well. The problem is that any of those will require writing a custom renderer for the map to be integral part of the dashboard elements, as fading, animating, masking etc.