Using Keyboard/Button box as an input

I’m using Realdash on a Windows Surface Tablet, I’ve set it up to read data from my Syvecs ECU and transmit data such as the Calibration (active map), Traction Control, ALS, Launch Control etc.

I was thinking whether it would be possible to use an external input (e.g. a button box connected to the tablet via USB) to trigger actions such as changing the page, or changing the values on my UI gauges, or skipping to the next song :wink:

Under Actions → Device Inputs beyond, I couldn’t find an option to map a keyboard input. Is there a plan to support this in the future. I saw a mention of this on another post.

BTW - I know I could use a canbus button box, and do it that way, but the cost is 10x compared to a USB version (which I know is more intended for sim racing).

Just a thought.

I agree that this could be useful feature and this has been requested before. For whatever reason I could not find this on my feature request list. Will add it there now, we have a better chance of getting this into development.

Implemented in 2.2.2