Having failed save issues since this update on Android, “check file location”

Found this affects all versions of RealDash. Will push a fix immediately.

Edit: All MRD packages have been updated and new versions submitted to all stores. Store reviews will take some time though.

I have been using a cheap Bluetooth obd reader I have had for years which had been working on previous realdash versions so I thought it came down with covid or something as realdash just keeps saying connecting, so I bought the ODBlink sx usb. I just tried it and continues to say the same thing “connecting” and times out in the can monitor. Could it be an issue with v2.0.2 & v2.0.3?

There was a small change for CAN adapter and OBD2 on 2.0.2, did work ok on our tests though. Will run full connectivity tests, just in case.

Just finished running all connectivity tests on Windows, no problems there, so probably its not something related to data handling, as its identical on all platforms. Will continue running tests on Android.

On what platform you are experiencing the connectivity issues?

I believe I found my issue, I was able to connect a headunit that had been taken out a couple weeks ago and was able to turn off wifi before the app update from v2.0.1.
It appears you took some selections away from the new versions,
“SAE J1850 VPW (10.4Kbaud)”
Both bluetooth and serial work fine with these settings on v2.0.1, Tried all sorts of combinations on v2.0.3 and nothing works.

I see those selections on OBD2 connection settings just fine, and they have not been removed on purpose.

Okay, I’m an idiot! I was condition over the past week using RealDashCAN, I instinctively clicked on “CAN” >> OBDlink can … DUH! :blush:

No problem. I’d rather get false positives than no feedback at all.