ValentineOne Radar Detector

I am a Valentine One (V1) radar detector user, and am looking to incorporate the device’s remote display capabilities into RealDash. There are two current interface options for the V1 - hardware serial and BT. V1 Gen 1 devices had bluetooth via a dongle, V1 Gen 2 devices have it built in. At any rate, there are Android apps for the BT connections, and hardware devices for remote displays when using the serial portion. I have not seen the V1’s protocols/ICD published anywhere, but was curious if anyone had incorporated this, or something like it, into their RD setup? Thanks!

If the serial protocol is not public, it would require quite a bit of reverse engineering to make it work with RealDash. Maybe you can send a message to the manufacturer and ask if they are interested?

AFAIK, it is proprietary, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t release some data. I threw this out there, in case anyone had already done it.