Variable names in LDS.

Variable names in LDS, letters are missing.

What letters? Please give more concrete example.

  • Is the problem only with the names, as from your screenshot it seems like numeric values are also garbage?
  • Does this happen every time you run LDS?
  • Is this problem the same on mobile phone and on PC web browser?

We were able to reproduce this problem. It seems like its related to some specific characters in value names. Now that we can reproduce this, I’m certain we will be able to fix this too.

was using the simulation to test.
yes it always happens.

This should be fixed with latest release of RD.

Any news? the problem continues.

I’m unable to reproduce this problem anymore. Could you share a screenshot or something to see what is happening.


look like fragmented copies, they don’t move.

Looks like the same problem as we had before. I assume you are using the latest RealDash version?

We will investigate this.

Yes, I’m on the latest version 2.1.3

Hello, the problem is happening

Thanks for reporting. Will investigate one more time.

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MRD has been updated to fix the problem with variable names in LDS. Please try and confirm.

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I tested it here, but now it doesn’t show anything online

Yep, found it. The LDS is broken on current version of RealDash. Update coming soon.

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