Vems *.ini file for connecting


Where to get *.ini or *.xml file for connecting Real Dash to VEMS Ecu via RS232 to USB adapter?
Ecu is working via this cable with native VemsTune app, but want to connect it to RealDash app (Windows 10).
Thank u in advance for helping.

We do not have any VEMS ECUs to test on, but if I remember right, you have to configure the serial output to AIM display mode in VemsTune app, as AIM serial stream is what RealDash is expecting to get from VEMS.

I’ve checked with firmware developer - my version of Vems Ecu didnt have AIM protocol anymore - it was deleted from firmware. So how to do in this case? Have vems tune app for windows which work with my ecu

Ok, thats news to me that AIM support was removed. Can you link the VEMS serial protocol specification and I will take a look?

If u give me your email adress - i will send u vems app for windows and u can take a look. Is it ok?

This one?

The app itself does not help. We would need to know the communication protocol. Maybe you, as their customer, could ask if they are willing to share how to connect to their ECU?

I have vemstune for vems ecu without aim protocol and also drivers for com-usb adapter. If this soft didnt help please write more detailed question - i will resend it to vems ecu app Developer and try to check details.

Question is: How to read ECU real time data over serial connection? Is the serial protocol public so it can be implemented into RealDash.