Video Gauge / Network / RTSP / URL

Hi, currently i’m using pay users for My Realdash.

Right now already try video gauge and use URL and put RTSP Link for Local Network camera but its not working.

Second try for double checking my video gauge, i’m try offline video etc likes choose video file on local folder and its working.

My questions is Realdash support RTSP or some others protocol and Multicast that your provide is carry data unit only or can carry video ?

Its okay, i already solve this.
Windows Realdash can’t get rtsp video but android realdash can.


can you help me? i plug rtsp camera to the my android
and input url
VLC plaer work good
RealDash not work
maybe need change codek?

i hope

I will check if there is a RTSP support on Android media player component.

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Please, it is save me. Many thanks