Videos on making Custom RealDash

What would be great is asking “REALDash Designers” to put together a “How To video on makng custom dashes” from a photo. I have old style vehicles I want to restore and the current templates would not look correctly in my dash.
Would like to have the original style gauge cluster from a photo and made into an operating gauges using RealDash.
That would certainly spike up a lot of interest for the restoration guys (like myself).


I have been thinking about making some videos to YouTube. Unfortunately making these videos take a lot of time for producing and editing, and in our current situation we just do not have any extra to spend :frowning:

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I will try to post on YouTube in the near future how to create projects in RealDash from scratch.


Thanks Falcon … that would be great …
You’ll gain a lot more people interested in doing dash mods for their vehicles if they have a better understanding and the simplicity of making up their own dashboards… I know I will … Thanks! …

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