VIM 3 (Pro) + RealDash Question...

For the people using a VIM 3 (I have the pro, but doubt it makes any difference to my issue)…

How do I stop the damned “No GPS” message from RealDash??

I’m using the latest VIM 3 firmware (Checked and updated today) - they don’t come with GPS obviously and from what I’ve read USB GPS devices don’t work either - but that’s irrelevant at this point anyways…

My “Location” is turned ON in the settings - even though it’s based on WiFi. Everytime I open RealDash, it constantly prompts me to Enable GPS. If I say NO - it seems to disconnect my WiFi (Odd I know)

Anyone experienced this or know how I can fix it!??

I join the question! For dummy locations, RealDash always asks you to turn on GPS …

So, I enabled Developer Option, installed “Fake Location” app, went into Developer Options, Turned ON “Mock Locations” by selecting the recently installed Fake Location app as the mock location provider app, then opened the Fake Location app and picked my town and set it.

At least now I can use RealDash without getting GPS warning etc. Obv can’t use Maps as will always think I’m in town ha but I’m ok with that as not too bothered about map function for now (Plus VIM3 doesn’t properly support GPS anyways)

RealDash will not attempt to start the GPS if there is no GPS related inputs in the dash and speed source is not set to GPS. It may be hard to make dash without GPS inputs as many features rely on GPS.

What features rely on GPS?

Surely if I’m using the RealDash CAN via Arduino it wouldn’t matter? Speed etc is on the can-bus or k-bus.

Surely GPS (or rather, the lack of) would only affect the Map functionality?

GPS Speed

Heading text
All Lap timer input
Speed Limit
Street Name
City Name
All Weather related inputs

May be even more, but found these on quick look.

First part of that is “meh” stuff - it’s not like I personally need to know any of that, and wouldn’t have it displayed myself - but I can see it’s uses. The derivatives of it - me personally again, lap timers, heading text, speed limit etc I’m not bothered about either, but again I see and understand that kind of information is pretty “standard” on newer vehicles (My Mum’s Audi S4 for example)…

Guess I’ll try and figure out a way of getting GPS working with VIM 3 - but looking at their forums, GPS does NOT work :frowning:

in my project I use VIM3. I have no requests for the Enable of GPS. for this, in the Application settings, you must disable all notifications (exclude System) and set the speed source to the “ECU”. Besides, my skin doesn’t have geolocation-bound data sources.