Virtual Fuel Level indicator -help-

Greetings RealDash community!

I’ve read a while ago some posts on how to read the fuel level from an obd2 reader and that some car models don’t provide this information. Seems like my car is one of them. So, I’ve been searching for alterative ways to simulate a virtual fuel level indicator.

The closest I’ve came to this is come up with the idea of it. It should be possible to make but I have not the slightest idea on how to procceed and this is why I’m asking for your help with this.

So, my idea was this. Supposedly you have entered all the vehicle parameters right (weight, engine size, wheel size etc), the TRIP A: FUEL CONSUMED indicator should give a pretty accurate number on how much fuel the car has consumed. Actually, I have no idea how this value is calculated, it may even take info straight from the Instant Fuel Consumption value and calculate the total by distance traveled or something. The point is that, if the Fuel Consumed value is accurate, I could manually input the volume of fuel I fill up on the gas station and then deduct the fuel consumed value from that to get a virtual fuel level value.

Now comes the tricky part. If I were to write this in code, I’d need three variables. The CurrentFuelLevel, the TotalFuelLevel and the NewFuelLevel. The CurrentFuelLevel would be the value of the TotalFuelLevel minus the Fuel Consumed value. The NewFuelLevel would be the manual input of the amount of fuel I fill up on the gas station. And the TotalFuelLevel would be the addition of the CurrentFuelLevel value plus the NewFuelLevel value.

And one more thing… Every time the user enters a new NewFuelLevel value, the Trip A: Fuel Consumed value should reset. So, if there were, i.e. 5.7 lt in the CurrentFuelLevel (because TotalFuelLevel was 20 and Fuel Consumed was 14.3) and I fill up another 20 lt, TotalFuelLevel should be 20 + 5.7 = 25.7 and the Fuel Consumed back to 0.

So far, I have only found out how to reset the value of Trip A: Fuel Consumed!! :joy:

Well, that’s my idea. Any pointers to the right direction??

This is pretty much what ‘Fuel Level (Calculated)’ input does in RealDash. Have you tried to use that one?

Yes, I tried. I get no info out of that input.

Don’t know what could be the problem, but that input is specifically the one that is updated with fuel consumption info to have virtual Fuel Level info when you do not have the sensor in fuel tank.