volume de carburant dans le garage

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the amount of fuel in the garage does not match the gauges in the premium panels.
Thus, if I set the volume of fuel equal to 50 liters in the garage, then after downloading, for example, Bavarian or Benztown, or any other premium, then the volume of fuel on the scales will be equal for some reason to 100, and if I directly correlate the input from 170 with my sensor from 0 up to 50 liters, then with a full tank the scale will show only half.
I understand that there are percentages on the scales, according to this the scales are 0-100 …
But we are used to thinking that we have liters in the tank and not percentages … and every time it is not very convenient to redo the scales by 50 …
We need some kind of algorithm so that we would set the volume in the garage and see a decrease in fuel on the scales in proportion to this given volume.
Then everything will be logical!

Fuel level (170) and fuel amount (222) are different inputs. Fuel level is 0-100% and fuel amount is available liters (or gallons). If you are writing input 170 (fuel level) directly from your device, use range of 0-100. For me this is a logical way this should work.

I want to convey something else. In general, it doesn’t matter which input this value is written to. I’m talking about the fact that if we set the fuel in the garage (the number of liters) to 50 liters, then on the panel we should see a scale of 0-50.
and on the panel we see 0-100%, which is conditional. And if it’s about half a tank or about a quarter of a tank, it can be pretty easily calculated by looking at the panel while driving. When there are 5 liters of fuel left, my default scale will be 10%. A little unusual-agree.
And if the tank capacity is 67 liters - it is even more difficult!
Pretty rough values for a digital dashboard, don’t you think?
Again, why then do you need to enter the amount of fuel in the garage, if it does not affect anything? And the user still gets a scale of 0-100%! It seems to be also logical?
I suppose I firmly believed that my scale shows liters, until I climbed to deal with it, and it turned out that everything is in percent. I will study some data on other panels, then find out how most of them work, so that I can have more arguments in front of you)))))

I have trouble understanding you. Fuel level is percentage and fuel amount is liters. All our dashboards use fuel level on show percentage of fuel left on the tank.

If you wish to see the fuel amount on your dashboards, use the input in ‘Calculated Values->Fuel Amount (Calculated)’

If I use input (222), and I supply liters as before, will all the conditions that are associated with input (170) be met. I remember that there is some difference between the inputs in terms of display or calculation. Is the input (222) the same smoothing?

And what is entry 222? You are not mistaken? Since I did not find information on this entry in the target identifiers section.

222=‘Calculated Values->Fuel Amount (Calculated)’

It is a calculated value ie. decreased by fuel consumption.

At the moment, is there a way to enter data on the number of liters (L) in the tank, or is the only option left to convert the amount of fuel into percent ID170 (%)?

It seems to only work when fuel level is calculated and cannot be set from external sources.

I will update this into next release in a way that if Body Electronics->Fuel Level is received from connection, the Amount of fuel is calculated based on that. Then you should see correct fuel amount when sending the fuel level from your connection.

I’m not sure if this is what you are asking, but at least its a small improvement.

Yes, it seems that we are talking about the same thing!

This is now in 1.9.1-BETA3.

I’ll check it out! Thanks!