Vw polo pq25 project

a project is being created for the vw polo pq25 car. need help with xml. need to solve the problem with the steering wheel buttons to flip the skins left and right. I can’t figure out how to do this.
there are codes from the buttons. It remains to teach realdash to flip through skins

For some reason I cannot open your attached images. Could you upload them again?

the images were, as I understand it, too large. I measured the resolution and they loaded

I’m asking for help here myself

Forum is English only (deleted some messages)

Please help me with setting the speedometer arrow. On the skin that I made the markup as on the original Tiguan speedometer. When moving, the arrow shows the speed more than necessary. I applied the formula for the adjustment, but it didn’t solve the problem completely. Up to 60km / h, the speed shows correctly, after it is very much ahead. further editing of the formula does not lead to anything.

Your speedometer has two scales, after 60 it starts increasing by 10 per segment as slower speeds it increases 5 per segment.

In our Virtual Cockpit premium dashboard we solved this simply by using two different speedometers aligned perfectly so user does not see the change. Needle is set transparent/visible based on if speed is on that needles range.

I got the idea I’ll try to make the 2nd arrow and calibrate the scale

hello. I am contacting the developer. please help me figure out the fuel consumption. The XML is there, the flow rate worked adequately and accurately before the real dash update. I had to update it to load the skin. After the update, the idle flow rate, provided that the car is standing, shows 0. If you start moving the average ra, the stroke jumps up to 10l/100mk and holds regardless of the driving modes until a complete stop, then the package is back to 0, while in the settings the limit is from 0 to 50l/100km. The instantaneous consumption increases with increasing speed, but shows clearly underestimated values. Help please.

a photo on a parked car.

photos in motion

in motion on the native panel
the native panel. The car It’s not moving

From your vehicle connection, write a correct value to Fuel Flow (l/hr) input. That will override all other internal calculations.

where exactly should I specify this parameter?

In your connection XML file. The targetId for Fuel Flow is 490.

The 10 liters per 100km is a default value when RealDash does not receive any sensor or fuel flow info that can be used to calculate the fuel consumption.

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