Wait option and rearrange for trigger conditions

Is it possible to get a wait line/function in triggers tab ?
lets say trigger is set to show a red warning due to high coolant temp, if all trigger conditions are met for 10-20secs then action will be triggered ? samething can happen with switch off trigger, if both Ignition SW and Accessories have switched off and been off for 3sec then trigger an action which can lead the device entering sleep mode (if ignition has turned back on in 2.5sec the action will not be triggered. (i know timers can be used but a wait line will be a much nicer alternative)

also any way of rearranging trigger conditions ? if we need to remove the first trigger condition for any reason it wont be possible and we will need to remove that trigger and start over, perhaps numbering the trigger conditions as in 1-99 or drag and move them over to change the arrangement ?

This can be done with Dummy Timers. Set your triggers to set/reset a timer and add an AND condition to check that timer must be larger than desired value to trigger.