Warning and Critical Levels Based on calculation


How do I change the colour of a sweep gauge based on a calculated trigger or dummy variable?

The warnings and limits paramters only allow me to use values to set limits.

I have a needle for Actual AF and arc sweep for Target AF.
If the tune is good the AF needle moves closely to the target arc sweep.
If the tune is off I want the arc sweep to change colour to orange or red.

I assume I can set up global triggers to a dummy variable like follows
Normal - if ABS(Actual AF - Target AF) < 0.25 → Green Arc Sweep
Warning - if ABS(Actual AF - Target AF) > 0.25 and <0.5 → Orange arc sweep
Critical - if ABS(Actual AF - Target AF) > 0.5 → Red arc sweep

I just need to assign that to the arc sweep colour somehow.

I may also need some sort of smoothing of this too as A/F tends to be a bit jittery.

Use a new gauge and gauge math to calculate difference between AFR and AFR-target.

With OBD2 everything is a bit jittery. You can try the optimizations in connection settings to help a little.


How do I call up extra variables in gauge math?
So far I have just used V as the variable assigned to the gauge and that works.

You can reference other inputs with ‘ID’. To use gauge math for difference of AFR and AFR target, use:


See Target identifier list here:

That makes sense thanks.