Way to program triggers off of button sequences

Is there a way to program an action / trigger from a sequence of actions. The cruise control switch is being passed through a CAN frame as 8 bytes. Here is the state table:

Cruise control
Up - 08
Down - 05
Pull - 06
Push - 02
Off - 01
Set (button) - 03

I would like to program a trigger when for example the cruise control handle is pulled three times in quick succession. Is this possible?

This can be done, but it requires quite complicated usage of dummy variables and timers. You could start working on something like this:

  • Trigger that increases a dummy value (say dummy 01) each time ‘pull’ value changes.
  • Trigger with Dummy timer (01) that resets dummy 01 and timer to zero after a specific time, like 1000ms.
  • Trigger that checks if dummy 01 is 3 or larger.

Ok. That doesn’t sound too bad. Do you have documentation with working with the timers?

No docs, sorry. All Dummy Timers (01-10) run constantly and their value is in seconds. You can use actions to set/reset their value.

Be careful though as all our premium dashboards use Dummy values and timers for animation purposes. Using the same timer that is already in use by some other trigger/action can be pretty confusing.