What does full version mean when subscribed?

Descriptions and info seem really limited on installation and what you get access to with a subscription.

Does a subscription give me the ability to create my own dashboard design with custom inputs, how data points are created and used, different types of animation for the types of gauges and displays I want to use.
This product seems interesting but I’m not paying money if I don’t know exactly what I’m getting.


There is no limitations on Dashboard editing on free version other than nagging screens.

When you purchase a full version, you get:

  • Unlimited drive time, no nagging screens
  • Datalogging & Log Viewer
  • Voice Commands
  • Navigation
  • Data Multicast
  • Option to clear error codes (when available on ECU)
  • Unlimited Trip Diary entries
  • Option to use custom intro images, or skip intro
  • Unlimited performance measurements

From stores (Google, Apple, Microsoft), all premium dashboards are separate purchase.

With My RealDash subscription you get:

  • All full version features are available with any OS with RealDash (Windows, Android, iOS, Linux)
  • All premium dashboards/content.
  • File sync between RealDash and My RealDash. Currently supports Garage settings, datalogs, trip files and your custom dashboard files. Support for syncing custom connection XML files is coming soon.
  • Access to community dashboards.
  • Ability to share your custom dashboards with other MRD users.
  • Access to Linux version.
  • Access to ‘Google Free’ Android version.
  • Live Data Streaming from RealDash to MRD web page.