Where does RealDash get GPS info from

I’ve played around with RealDash on my phone some and the GPS can always find me on the map but I haven’t been able to figure out how to use it for navigation. Does RealDash pull data from another app like the music player does or is there an internal navigation I haven’t found yet. If something’s playing on my phone is shows up on the dash like I’d expect it to but the map just shows where I am.

Open the top menu and tap the lower right corner ‘Gear’ icon to open Quick settings. There you have a ‘Start Navigation’ button.

Alternatively you can make a button to your dashboard and set an action to start the navigation.

Is it possible to use RealDash with third party navigation app like Waze (online navi) or Sygic (offline navi)?

Not internally as their API usage is so expensive. Only option is to run those in PIP mode on top of RealDash.