Where is RD heading in 2023?

Any tid bits of information about what we might expect in Real Dash this year?

Some things that we are working on:

Improvements on MRD (my.realdash.net)

  • Proper trip diary and related statistics.
  • Manufacturers: Fleet management, push messages to customers and option to send OTA update of the app.
  • Manufacturers: Option to use custom MRD with their own branding.
  • Discussion forum integration into MRD.

RealDash app

  • Possibly get rid of all Google integrations (including free version advertisements) and in app purchases and offer MRD purchases only.
  • Improvements into map and navigation.
  • We have been thinking of starting an gauge animation editor to get rid of animation XML files.


  • We have been experimenting with YouTube development vlog (and car project introductions).

And of course we continue to provide small fixes and updates per requests made here in this forum.

What do you think (in big picture). Where should RD be heading on 2023?

First, i want to again thank the small realdash team for bringing us this app and I really enjoy it.

I use it as an auxillary display in the car for all the detailed canbus data coming out of the ecu as such it’s not essential, but i really miss it when it’s not there, on a track day it becomes even more imortant, although i do have the toucan display unit aswell.

Would you consider having two development cadences so you have a “stable” version and an experimental version ?

I hate moaning about realdash as its a great value product, but everytime i get in the car, it’s a bit a case of what will it do today. I recently updated to 2.1.9 MRD version, seemed ok until today. Short drive, did have a few issues.

So as i high level, i think to take realdash to the next level stability and consistency of operation in the varied conditions that RD runs in is really important.
If that cannot be done, then at least some recommended configs/hardware pairings that you are confident work well and reliably. The youtube channel would be great for that.

People are actually using this as a dash replacement which is a fantastic testament to the potential of the software, yet i don’t personally think it’s ready for that. Dashes from hardware manufacturers for that purpose from Link, AIM, ECUMASTER etc are retailing for over 1000 pounds.

They have the huge benefit that you apply power and they just come on and work.

RD as it stands has no hope of doing that as it’s having to run on an underlying OS, on many different hardware platforms, but a version that runs natively would be amazing.

So although i love new features, I think it’s this that should be concentrated on.

Thank you for your feedback. I hope we use this discussion thread for future features. For reporting bugs, please use the corresponding discussion thread.

Pressures showing as PSI could be due a new feature of kPA pressure units. You should be able to go to ‘Settings->Units & Values’ and change the pressure units.

Whats the latest for 2024 RealdashDev…

I would really like a quick launch of realdash, even with the screensavers and animations disabled, the download is long

What’s coming 2024?

A tough question. In 2023 we have gained a lot of new manufacturer customers. While its nice and provides some security for the company, it continually takes more of our time to work on manufacturer custom projects. Many of those improvements do come directly to public version of RealDash.

We will continue developing My RealDash service and its features. Currently we are working on some ‘quality of life’ improvements, like filtering and sorting the dashboards, files and other content. Also the ability to view and analyze saved trips on MRD is underway. I have also had some “higher flying” ideas on MRD, but they may be too much. We’ll see.

As for RealDash itself, we are currently working on enabling USB cameras on Android version. It has been painful due lack of time and the fact that Android has no native USB camera support. Yes I know, there are libraries around in GitHub, but with our testing they all have their problems.

There has been requests to make editing “easier”. I understand what you are saying, but there is plenty of “drag & drop gadget” style apps out there. RealDash was conceived from the fact that I wanted to do a digital dashboard for my own car and wanted it to look exactly what I wanted. Every freaking pixel of it. That turns out that unlimited customizability is married with complexity.

That being said, we have been thinking about couple of improvements. First is more comprehensive and easier to use build-in graphics templates. Like needles etc that you could easily choose from the asset list. Also, we may introduce more 3D elements, first being 3D needles for needle gauges.

You tell me, what should we do in 2024? Propose full features, we will handle bug reports on another threads.


If possible, make it possible to configure sensors with can monitor, this will make it much easier to configure without an xml file, and so the realdash program is top, in my opinion.

Believe me, we have been experimenting with different ideas on how to do that without XML file. As there is so many different CAN configurations, it is not a simple task.

Instead of trying to integrate something like that into RealDash, better option would be a separate Windows tool that can automatically export a XML file for RealDash. Still, to support this properly it will be somewhat complicated tool. Maybe thats why they don’t exists that much.

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For my use case, I’m interested in anytthing that makes RD integrate better with other car tasks. Better built in music player controls, switch music player with button rather than in settings. Better maps / offline maps (i know). User editable animations. Import an image of your own car in Garage (can do without the animations). Launcher mode for Android.

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Interested to see how the camera will be implemented, the ability to overlay realdash data would be cherry on top !

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Basically you can use RealDash already as a dashcam with gauges on top when using Android built-in cameras. High level steps to do this:

  • Make a new dashboard and add Video Gauge to fill entire screen. Link Video Gauge to a camera in Look’n Feel to see the camera preview.
  • Build any gauges on top of the video gauge
  • Use ‘Start Screen Capture’ and ‘Stop Screen Capture’ actions for starting & stopping the recording.

No built in camera on Android head units, will it be possible with external camera at all?

Yes, as soon as we get the USB camera support working.

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Is this possible in the future? It would be cool to see something like this in RealDash.

Nice! :slight_smile: Looking forward to it.

I’ve been using RealDash as a part of on-screen graphics for race days and live streaming (rectangle on the side of the screen with data).

I’ve just now downloaded RealDash on a CPU with Bluestacks for simpler editing and building of an on-screen (F1, WRC style) layout where I’d key out the background colour and apply the graphics onto the live stream. Its going to be awesome but knowing that you’re working in making it even simpler for the future is great to know and something worth waiting! Even if it is most likely not the way you tought RealDash would be used :slight_smile:

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We have made an decision that we will not add any tuning capabilities to RealDash. Every ECU manufacturer already has their own tuning software and it just makes no sense for us trying to duplicate any of that.

Hello! I understand this, but I probably meant to set up, say, arduino pins using all sorts of tables.

I don’t fully understand what you mean. Please be more specific.

I’ve thought about it now, and it really seems to me that all this will be superfluous and unnecessary. RealDash is amazing!

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