White screen when starting

Is there a possibility that the white screen that starts the program on Android is changed to black? When starting the car at night, the LCD screen brightens everything, disturbing the view. Even disabling introduction and animation, this white home screen is very uncomfortable, if it is necessary at the beginning of the program, it should be changed to black, so as not to disturb projects in use on the car dashboard. Thank you.

Below is an example of what happens.


Yes, I really do not like it. I also support topic starter. remove or change.
only happens when you first start the application.

Doesn’t the ‘Skip Intro’ get rid of that? I will check.

No, the introduction and animation in the menu is already disabled.

This is only apparent when the device is first started. If you stop the application through the application manager, you will see this effect at startup.

Exactly, as I always start the program from scratch, without going into standby, every time this white screen with the name Realdash in the upper left corner appears

Found it, the startup background will be black on next Beta.

thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Yes! Verified works. Thank.